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This page contains the Code and tools that the lab releases to the community. Unless otherwise mention, the GPL license is applicable to all these releases.



Titan is a botnet network fingerprinting testbed that stresses a botnet binary under different operational contexts. Here we will share the scripts and architectural diagrams of how the testbed is built. Titan Source Code

Underwater Platform for Promoting Experimental Research (UPPER) dummy can be found in the [tar] file.

Amp fil.png

Filter and preamplifier circuitry


Automatic gain control circuitry


BotFlex is an open source tool for bot detection and analysis that has been developed by Shehrbano Khattak. It is currently being extended by Zaafar.


Bottleneck is a Bayesian inference engine for a more rigorous inference of bot infection in network traces. It use the Bot lifecycle events.

Network based TDL-4 detection

[Code And Files]


This is a Microsoft Research funded project where we build a smart-home alternative to the UPS+battery solution used to alleviate the burden of load-shedding. Here we share all design documents for public sharing of the idea.

Code for mbed LPC1768, transceiver module.

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