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If you are not intimately aware of the limitations of your solution, you are not intimately aware of your solution. Dan Kaminsky

The SysNet Lab at FAST NUCES Islamabad covers a wide range of systems research from both the EE and CS domain. The lab research initiatives range from embedded and cyber-physical systems to large scale distributed networks (computer and power grid).

In the area of embedded system the lab is carrying out research regarding energy harvesting and energy transference for a networked cyber-physical system, and developing and underwater acoustic tesbed using software-defined radio.

In the area of distributed computer systems, the lab has initiatives in the area of cloud computing, software-defined networking (SDN), and botnet detection. A collaborative proposal, with Nayatel as an industrial partner, for real-time detection and prevention of botnet traffic was completed in Feb, 2014.

The lab's new (current) research thrust is in the cross-disciplinary area of Information Systems and Science of energy ISS4E, where the aim is to apply ICT and Science to resolving the problems of energy system. This thrust is supported by a Microsoft Research (MSR), through project to build a smart-home alternative to the UPS+battery solution used to alleviate the burden of load-shedding in energy-deprived countries. We are officially recognized as partner in a new initative MSR has launched in July 2013 Lab-of-Things (LoT).

Lab Director, Affan A. Syed, has been invited as a speaker at the MSR faculty summit 2014 being held at Redmond, Washington, USA (July 14-16).

News / Announcements

Life at SysNet
  • Our iSDF work has been accepted at SIGCOMM (CCR). Congratulations to Kamran Riaz Khan, Shabbir Ahmed and Zaafar Ahmed!.
  • Our SoftUPS Demo got accepted at ACM eEnergy 2014 (top ranked conference in the emerging area of smart energy system) to be held at Cambridge, UK this year. Congratulations to the SoftUPS team!
  • We have our second A+ conference acceptance at DSN 2014 for paper titled "Titan: Enabling Low Overhead and Multi-faceted Network Fingerprinting of a Bot". Congratulations to Osama and Waqar. This is a completely indigenous paper with all authors from SysNet.
  • Our paper titled "Sensors with Lasers: Building a WSN Power Grid" , has been accepted at IPSN (SPOTS track). IPSN is one of the most prestigious WSN conference (along with SenSys) and this is the first completely indigenous work accepted at IPSN from Pakistan. Congratulation to Naveed on this achievement.
  • Our paper, in collaboration with Dell and xFlow, titled "A Framework to Rapidly Test SDN Use-Cases and Accelerate Middlebox Applications" has been accepted at LCN'13.
  • Microsoft Research (MSR) has awarded SysNet a research grant to develop SoftUPS. Our solution aims to build a smart-home application (using MSR HomeOS abstraction) to replace the current UPS+battery solution to load-shedding, with a more greener, lower-cost, and efficient ICT-inspired solution. Our project is also listed in the Lab of Things (LoT) community launched by MSR in July 2013 [1].

Bimonthly Presentations at SysNet Research Lab

Collaborators and Research Partners

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